How To Use AdRotate

AdRotate is a WordPress plugin that you can use to make different ads appear each time a page is viewed.

Step 1. Install and activate the AdRotate Plugin

Step 2. Create clickable images with a hyperlink

  1. Get an image of the ad
  2. Create a new page
  3. Add the image
  4. Add the hyperlink to the image linking it to the URL
  5. Save it as a draft page
  6. Go to the Text tab of the draft page
  7. Copy the code

Step 4. Go to AdRotate menu and use Advert  then Ad management to make a new ad

Step 5. Paste the shortcode into the new ad and save

Step 6. In the AdRotate menu select group

Step 7. Add the ads you want to include in the group

Step 9. Use the settings menu in AdRotate to specify schedule, frequency of the ads and other settings

Step 10. Copy the shortcode or group number

Step 11. Edit the widget where you want to put the ad group – headers, sidebars, etc. and save your settings.


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