How to Make Custom Sidebars

The Custom Sidebars plugin allows you to create unique sidebars for each of your pages or posts.


When it is installed and active, you’ll find the customizing features under Appearance>Widgets>Sidebars

Follow these steps to make custom sidebars for your website.

Step 1, Install and activate the Custom Sidebars Plugin for WordPress.

Step 2. To create a custom sidebar, go to Appearance>Widgets>Sidebars

Step 3. Click on ‘Create a New Sidebar’ button

Step 4. Name the new custom sidebar accordingly.

Step 5, Drag and drop the elements you want to show in the new custom sidebar and save.

Step 6. Go to the page or post where you want the custom sidebar to show

Step 7. In the menu below, choose which sidebar it is that  you want to show on  that page and select the name of the custom sidebar that you just made for it.

Step 8. Click ‘Update’ to  publish it and you’re done.






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